• Choosing the Right Back-Up Camera

Backup Cameras are the future.  By 2018, they’ll be a mandatory feature in all new cars. 
But the good news is, you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new car to get the enhanced rear vision you need.

Mirrors Don't Give You the Full Picture

Rearview and sideview mirrors have been standard auto features since time immemorial, but they don’t tell you the whole story about what’s going on around you. Mirrors are inevitably subject to blind spots, limited fields of view, and other problems that let dangers slip by undetected.

That’s where rear view cameras come in, plus mirror monitors and other equipment that gives you a more robust view of what’s going on around your vehicle. This makes driving a whole lot safer, preventing fender benders and removing the hassle from things like backing out of a tight spot.

Choosing the Right BackUp Camera for You

If all of the options for aftermarket rear vision cameras are making your head spin, never fear, use this buying guide to help find the right solution for you, and relax in reverse.  EchoMaster has over 30 years of experience designing and engineering aftermarket technology to make your vehicle safer.  You can trust that when you buy an EchoMaster back-up camera it has been rigorously tested for quality and the tough weather and road conditions your car may face.

Reverse Camera Mounting Options

You can choose from a variety of options for mounting rear vision cameras and associated equipment onto your vehicle. Some cameras are universal, and are designed to mount almost anywhere. Others are specifically for your rear license plate frame, the roof of your car, the tailgate, or other locations that work well to get a sizeable field of view.

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Flush, or bullet-style back-up cameras are small, low profile cameras that install flush into yourPCAM-220%201small.jpg car.  This camera style is versatile and can be mounted in many different locations on your vehicle.  Consult your installer to find the best location for your needs.  This is the perfect solution if you are looking for a discreet camera.

Explore Flush-Mount Back-Up Cameras

A license plate camera is installed around your license plate.  You have three options when choosing a license plate mount camera:  Full Frame, Bar-Style, and Back-Mounted.

Full frame license plate cameras are frames that surround your license plate with cameras integrated into the frame.

Bar Style license plate cameras are a bar that goes across the top of your license plate.

Back-Mounted license plate cameras come with a mount that fits behind your license plate, the camera peeks out from the top.

Explore License Plate Back-Up Cameras

Lip-mount camera, mount anywhere your vehicle has a lip (or area that juts out a bit).  The most popular mounting option is the lip above the vehicle’s license plate, but mounting isn’t limited to just this placement. 

Explore Lip-Mount Back-Up Cameras

Roof-mount reverse cameras are most commonly installed on larger vehicles.  Installed to the middle of the roof of the vehicle, they hang off the back and give a wideview of the entire back of the vehicle.  Larger sized vehicles have much larger blind spots, making a back-up camera even more important!

Explore Roof-Mount Back-Up Cameras

A discreet way to add a back-up camera without adding additional bulk, or changing the look of your vehicle, is with a replacement tailgate handle.  These vehicle-specific tailgate handles have an OEM look, but include an integrated camera.

Explore Tailgate Handle Back-Up Cameras

Emblem cameras transform your vehicle's emblem with a camera.  The OE look and feel, and perfect fit of the emblem camera, let you add safety without changing your vehicle's exterior.

Explore Emblem Back-Up Cameras

Third brake light cameras are available in universal and vehicle-specific.  Truck and van drivers know that the blind spots these larger vehicles have can make reversing a challenge.  Third Brake Light reverse cameras enhance your brake light with additional functionality.

Explore Third Brake Light Back-Up Cameras

Choose Your View

For a camera to be effective, it has to be comfortable for you to view what it's capturing.  Each driver is different, so you have options on where the video from your camera is viewed.  A camera feed can be integrated into your factory screen (OEM style), you can add a monitor to your vehicle (dash, windshield mount, or even installed flush into your dash).  Or, you can replace your rearview mirror with an EchoMaster mirror with monitor.

Your rearview mirror doesn’t show you much on its own, but it can easily be replaced with a factory-look replacement rearview mirror monitor. Available in several sizes, these enhanced rearview mirrors feature a built-in LCD screen that gives you the view from your backup camera.

Your rearview mirror can be more than just a reflective mirror, our mirror monitors give you a view of your camera feed.  Available with 4.3", 3.5" and even 7.3" monitors, the rearview mirror replaces your existing one.  EchoMaster mirrors have multiple-video feed capability, so you can add more than one safety camera.  Your installer will install your camera system so that your driver behavior triggers the cameras on, place the car in reverse and as you back up, you will see a view of your back camera right on your rearview mirror.

Explore Camera Rearview Mirrors

If your vehicle's radio has a screen big enough to view a camera on it, then you can gain a truly integrated safety experience.  Your EchoMaster installer can feed your back-up camera to your infotainment screen, all triggered by driver behavior.

Explore OEM Integration Kits

(Or ask your installer to help you choose the kit right for you)

Even if your vehicle doesn't have a radio with screen, that doesn't mean you can't view your safety cameras on a larger monitor.  Stand alone dash and windshield mount monitors give you a clear view of your safety cameras, available in 3.5", 4.3", 6" and 7"

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Trust a Pro

Your safety is too important to leave it in just anyone's hands.  Our trusted network of authorized EchoMaster dealers will properly install your new backup camera.  Worry less and drive more, safely.

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