7" Dash Mount Dual Input Dual Trigger Monitor


7" Dash Mount Dual Input Dual Trigger Monitor


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This versatile, freestanding 7” TFT/LCD monitor offers a convenient, simple-to-use safety solution to accompany any of EchoMaster’s vehicle safety camera products. With 2 video inputs and 2 audio inputs, you can associate the monitor with two camera and sensor systems, providing extra security and awareness while you’re driving, parking, or backing up.

This monitor is equipped with a unique circuitry system that allows it to maintain a 12-volt output, while remaining compatible with a multi-voltage system (9-36 volts). It can pair easily with any EchoMaster camera, without the extra hassle of a voltage dropper.

 The dual video and audio inputs are fully customizable and multi-functional. An additional AV input and wired headphone outlet add an extra layer of flexibility.

Key Features

  • 6” High resolution display
  • Dual video inputs
  • Reverse trigger detect
  • Dash mount fan bracket included
  • Remote control included

Professional installation by an authorized EchoMaster dealer recommended.

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