GettyImages-182423914.jpgCongratulations, your child just got his or her driver’s license! But are you confident enough that they’ve learned all they need to know to get through traffic by themselves? And most of all, are you confident that as soon as they go out driving alone, they won’t indulge in reckless behavior? That said, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way to ensure your teen isn’t engaging in dangerous behavior behind the wheel. From phone apps to car cameras, there are many devices you can use to keep an eye on your kids while they’re driving.

1.     Help Them Understand the Importance of Road Safety

First of all, make sure your child’s sole focus while driving is exactly that – driving. It is important that they understand how serious the issue of safety is. Text messages, phone calls or any other activities performed simultaneously are never a good idea. Even music can be a distraction if they are new drivers, so encourage them to make sure that everything is in order before they start the engine. The phone should be put away and the music  kept at a low volume so that they can concentrate on the road.

2.     Install an App that Prevents Them from Behaving Recklessly

If you’ve had the talk with your child and you still notice moments of irresponsible behavior, try using modern technology. Install an app on their phone that blocks texting, calling and emailing while they’re driving.

3.     Install a Safe Drive System

As long as we’re on the subject of technology, our third piece of advice is to use safe drive systems. These systems use advanced technologies to constantly analyze the position of your vehicle, judge the distances between your vehicle and other cars or obstacles, and warn you about sudden lane departures. Safe drive systems are so advanced that they analyze road conditions in real time, scanning the roads, monitoring all nearby vehicles and helping you keep your focus on the road, anytime and in any weather. EchoMaster's backup cameras and mirror monitors can give your new driver a more robust view of what’s going on around their vehicle. This makes driving a whole lot safer, preventing fender benders and removing the guesswork from things like backing out of a tight parking spot.blind%20spot%20driveway.jpg

4.     Use a Car Camera to Monitor Their Behavior

 A car camera might feel a bit over the top, but safety always comes first and doesn’t have a price. Use a car camera to monitor your child’s activity while driving and to be able to discuss his or her driving style while showing examples and analyzing the decisions made behind the steering wheel.  EchoMaster's dash cams safeguard your child with a video witness during incidents and even feature motion detection recording, all designed to save space on the SD Card, and deliver crisp, clear, high definition video recordings.

5.     Supervise Them in the Beginning

Make sure you are by their side as often as you can be when they are driving, at least in the early stages, and while everything is still fresh. That way, reflexes aren’t fully developed yet, so if they exhibit any reckless behavior, you can correct it early on, and try to prevent bad habits. However, show them that you trust them to make their own decisions and treat them like adults – you want them to be confident in their skills and not feel like they are constantly being watched or like every decision they make is being questioned. Seeing your children behind the wheel is an important moment for every parent. Teach them the importance of driving safely and use any piece of technology you can to ensure that they are responsible drivers.

If you are looking for safety gear to keep your teen safe on the road, get in touch with an authorized EchoMaster dealer. Visit their stores for professional information on how to choose a suitable device and help on how to get them installed.