shutterstock_275328194.jpgThis Mother’s Day, forget the roses, ditch the chocolates and get something that your mom will actually use!

The best gifts are the ones that we use every day, so buy your mom an awesome gift from EchoMaster. Gifts like parking sensors and dash cams will keep her safe while she’s driving, and be useful for years to come.

Check out this list of EchoMaster products, and give the gift of safety this mother’s day!

CAM-MV6 Blind Spot Camera 

This blind spot camera is a fantastic gift for mom. It offers a 180-degree field of view, comprehensive mounting options, and can provide up to 3 different simultaneous views at once, providing total awareness of a driver’s surroundings. In addition, the CAM-MV6 is IP67 waterproof, and requires illumination levels of only 0.1 LUX to function, making it useful even in low-light conditions and harsh weather.

PCAM-201 Backup Camera With Parking Lines

Backup cameras are extremely useful, and encourage safe driving habits by providing you with a better view of your surroundings.The PCAM-201 backup camera can be mounted directly above the front or rear license plate of a car, and provides a wide, 170-degree viewing angle that provides an exceptional view behind the vehicle. The PCAM-201 can even be installed as a front camera, providing additional information about obstacles in front of a vehicle. The PCAM-201 also features optional parking lines, which can help drivers back into tricky parking spots, and avoid bumps and scrapes.

ParkAlert Digital Front Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are incredibly helpful when parking in very tight spaces. If your mom has mentioned having trouble with crowded parking lots or other close-quarters parking areas, these ParkAlert Digital Front Parking Sensors can help take the guesswork out of parking. Easily installable, these advanced sensors use multi-sensor technology to warn drivers of obstacles, and make parking a total breeze – even in the tightest of spaces.

PMM-35-DPL Digital Mirror Monitor 

A great backup camera demands a fantastic monitor – and the PMM-35-DPL is a fantastic choice. Compatible with all EchoMaster cameras, this mirror allows for an easy, at-a-glance look at both your rearview mirror, and a high-quality 3.5” LCD display connected to your backup camera. This monitor features parking lines, as well as automatic activation – when you shift into reverse, the LCD screen will turn on automatically, and turn off once you start driving.

PBS-MWSK Blind Spot Detection System

Nearly 840,000 blind spot accidents occur per year, according to the NHTSA. So if you want to give your mom the gift of safe driving this Mother’s Day, an advanced blind spot collision detection system is a great choice. The PBS-MWSK Blind Spot Detection System uses advanced microwave sensors to detect objects in your blind spot, and uses a combination of visual warnings and auditory feedback to alert drivers. This advanced system can detect objects up to 50ft away, and minimizes “false positives”.Best of all, this system can integrate seamlessly into almost any vehicle, and it’s rated IP67 waterproof.

DC-27 Motion Sensing Dash Cam

Dash cams are very useful. With a dash cam, your mom will never have to worry about being held liable for an accident that she wasn’t at fault for – and if she does get involved in an accident, she’ll have a full record of the incident. The DC-27 Motion Sensing Dash Cam makes a fantastic gift. It turns automatically when the car starts to move, and saves video directly to an SD card. This high-quality camera records 1080p, 30fps video, and includes a 2.7” built-in LED screen. Best of all, it’s easy to install – simply mount it on the dash, connect it to the in-car charger, and you’re done!

This Mother’s Day, Give The Gift Of Safe Driving!

These are just a few of the EchoMaster products that make a perfect mother’s day gift. So check out these recommendations, and feel free to browse our online catalog if you’re looking for some other fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas!