EchoMaster Provides an Irreplaceable Rearview Mirror

Rearview mirror monitors give you a better view of your environment, making maneuvering your car, SUV or truck so much more safe. And when you invest in EchoMaster rearview mirror monitors, you’re dramatically enhancing your overall driving experience.

With one of EchoMaster’s rearview mirror backup camera kit, you get a mirror, camera, harnesses and mounting bracket that you can install easily. The mirrors come equipped with either a 3.5” or 4.3” HD LCD monitor that transforms part of your mirror into a camera display.

The camera’s 170-degree wide angle lens provides you with an expansive view of the area behind your vehicle. You get optimal visibility even in low light thanks to its auto-adjusting brightness and white balance feature. It is also compatible with most vehicle makes and models and provides a seamless look and feel thanks to its OEM design.

However, installing an EchoMaster rearview mirror monitor goes beyond enhancing your car with modern conveniences and futuristic features. It is also about safety, insurance and peace of mind. Here are three reasons why an EchoMaster rearview mirror monitor is irreplaceable:

Prevent Accidents

Did you know that without a backup camera, your blind spot is about 20 feet behind your car? That’s a lot of areas that you can’t see.

A backup camera that displays the video on your rearview mirror allows you to see what’s going on behind your car and prevent accidents such as backing up into property, a pet or most importantly, a child.

Line of Protection

Without a rearview mirror monitor to display the video feed from your backup camera, you’re increasing the likelihood of an accident. And just by adding this safety feature, you may receive a discount on your insurance premiums. Whether it’s your first car or your business’s fleet of vehicles, rearview mirror monitors help you protect your investments.

Park Like a Pro

Rearview mirror monitors help you overcome parking challenges when backing in. A rearview mirror that shows you a full view of what’s going on behind your car saves you the trouble of craning your neck back to get a better look. Not only will you park with ease, but you also avoid damaging other cars.

When you invest in EchoMaster rearview mirror monitors, you’re making driving more comfortable and parking a breeze and ultimately saving money you would lose from accidents. With EchoMaster, you protect your precious cargo thanks to a safer ride.