What Is an Integrated Safety Camera System?

Fleet safety is a major concern for any business who has vehicles driven by employees. You want to ensure your drivers’ well-being, safety and security while also ensuring that company property is taken care of. To help employ safer and more effective drivers, consider making an investment in integrated safety camera systems. These systems were designed to help drivers make sound decisions on the road by giving them better visibility. Here are integrated safety solutions that will complement your fleet safety management efforts:

Blind Spot Cameras

Visibility issues on the road are one the major reasons for the thousands of vehicular accidents that occur each year. Blind spot camerasreduce the risk of these accidents by adding visibility into areas where blind spots typically occur. To extend your view, add front, side and reverse cameras that show the feed on your radio screen. There are vehicle-specific solutions to ensure the right fit for your car.

Lane Change Assist

Drivers need to assess surrounding traffic before changing lanes. They will check their side and rearview mirrors. They might even look over their shoulder. Unfortunately, sometimes even with all these checks, the car’s blind spots keep you from seeing cars approaching you at high speed.

With lane change assistance, drivers can change lanes without worrying that another vehicle will suddenly appear next to them. If there are cars that are approaching rapidly from the rear, lane change assist systems will warn the driver that a vehicle is entering their blind spot.


Intellihaul was built with safety in mind with its multi-camera solution. It gives vehicles, particularly mid-sized and full-sized trucks, visibility into common blind spots. It has a 3-camera system and a customized user interface that integrates into the vehicle’s infotainment screen. Designed to provide multiple viewing angles, Intellihaul provides the driver with a full 360-degree view around their truck.
The system boasts six screen modes and smart technology that activates the camera based on the driver’s behavior. By pressing the “back” button on the radio for 3 seconds, the system activates the camera. Just placing the truck in reverse or activating the left or right turn signals also activates camera views.

Universal Backup Camera

If your fleet is made up of regular-sized cars, universal backup cameras can significantly reduce the risk of backup-related accidents. Backup cameras allow your drivers to safely exit parking lots. And because EchoMaster’s backup cameras are waterproof and debris-proof, you’ll know that they will last in tough weather conditions. At EchoMaster, our solutions focus on safety technology and integration. When it comes to fleet safety, make the investment. The safety of your drivers and company property are worth it.