Any back-up camera can take the stress out of reverse parking by getting rid of some dangerous blind spots. The problem is that when it comes to comprehensive visibility, most reverse cameras fall short. 


With a total of six different viewing angles for you to choose from, EchoMaster’s CAM-MV6 is a revolutionary universal camera. Say goodbye to the dangerous obstacles of blind spots, and see around objects that are blocking your view. This versatile camera offers a super-wide view in the front or back, enhancing visibility and improving driver safety.

See What’s Coming Before You Start Driving.

A convenient one-touch button, located within your reach, lets you switch to a split-screen mode that extends the camera's view. This lets you see around obstacles, making it easier than ever to make a turn or back up into oncoming traffic. Say goodbye to awkwardly inching forward, trying to get a handle on oncoming traffic because a tree or a stop sign is in the way. CAM-MV6 lets you see around these obstacles, without endangering yourself by pulling too far forward or backing out too quickly.

Stop playing chicken, stay in control of all your surroundings with EchoMaster, from any angle so you drive and park, with confidence.