A Checklist for Road Trip Essentials

Before you take off on your adventure, you want your camper equipped with everything to make for a safe, well-stocked trip. And you don’t want to forget to bring entertainment and everything else to help make your trip memorable. Here’s a checklist of travel essentials you need for a camper before you hit the road:


One of the perks of traveling in an RV is having the comforts of home onboard, such as a private bathroom. Stock up on toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and shampoo, and don’t forget your toothbrush.

Basic Tools

In case anything needs to be tightened or adjusted, be ready with a mechanics tool kit that includes wrenches, sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers and a hammer.

Medication and First-Aid Kit

Include everything like antihistamines, pain relievers and motion sickness medicine. Also pack a first-aid kit that stocks bandages, tweezers, scissors, cold compress and antiseptic.


While you can always make stops for food, keeping your camper pantry stocked with easy-to-cook meals and your favorite snacks means saving some money and you the trouble of pulling over each time someone gets hungry.


When it comes to RV trips, the journey should be just as memorable as the destination. Make sure you have a great time by packing plenty of entertainment in the form of board games, books and a laptop for Netflix and Chill. The long hours on the road makes for the perfect opportunity to binge-watch your favorite series.

Power Cord Adapters

It’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why you should be ready with a variety of electrical adapters to keep you powered up. Remember, not all campground electrical connections will match your RV.

Weather-Specific Clothing and Accessories

If your trip takes you across the country into different climates, be prepared with the right clothing. Know the weather conditions of your destination and pack appropriately.

Water Pressure Regulator

The water pressure levels at various campgrounds will be unpredictable and could cause damage to your RV’s internal lines, and it may even cause flooding.

Roadside Emergency Kit

You can buy a roadside emergency kit or create your own. Make sure it has jumper cables, a flashlight and extra batteries, flares, triangle reflectors, motor oil, coolant, duct tape and a small fire extinguisher. You should also include seasonal supplies such as an umbrella, rain gear, ice scraper and a small shovel.

Safety Accessories

For safety on the road, video enhance your rearview mirror. With dual video, you can use the monitor for both front and rear cameras, giving you an even better range of vision. With EchoMaster rearview mirror monitors, you’ll be backing up and parking your RV like a pro.

From backup cameras to blind spot cameras to parking sensors to monitors and more – EchoMaster can give you full awareness of your surroundings, increasing your safety and lessening your risk of accidents on your epic road trip.