The car industry has been buzzing since early 2016 about the new mirrorless BMW prototype, showcased publicly at the beginning of the year. Although Nissan and Cadillac have already produced models with mirror cameras replacing traditional side and rearview mirrors, what BMW did was visionary for the near future, when car functions and design seem to blend and look very different.

But until car mirrors disappear altogether, the next big step already happening before our eyes is the new mirror camera.

Rearview Mirror Replacements with Monitors

There are countless studies out there that without a doubt prove the benefit of adding cameras to your vehicle’s exterior for improved safety. Front and rear vision cameras extend your line of site and eliminate dangerous blind spots that people (especially children), or objects can be hidden in. Side cameras eliminate left and right blind spots, making lane changing easier and safer. While most people think that your vehicle’s radio screen is the only place to view your camera’s feed, there are other options. Replacing your rearview mirror with one that contains an LCD monitor gives you a view of your camera right where you are used to looking, your rearview mirror.

EchoMaster has three different monitor sizes available:monitors.jpg

The 7.3” Mirror has different monitors depending on the situation, backup and front cameras are displayed on a large, 7.3” monitor, side cameras are viewed on smaller monitors on the corresponding side, e.g. when the right turn signal is used the right blind spot is shown on the smaller right monitor.

The EchoMaster PRO rearview mirrors with monitors range all feature an auto-dimming monitor, so your camera view is never impacted by various lighting conditions. Within the range there are also mirrors that feature auto-dimming of the actual mirror itself. This is useful when you are driving at night and the vehicle behind you has very bright headlights. The mirror will auto-dim, minimizing the distraction from behind. To learn more about the 3.5” mirror with auto-dimming visit the product page here: PMM-35-ADPL and the 4.3” mirror here: PMM-43-ADPL.

Extending Your Rearview Mirror’s Safety Features Beyond the Monitor

Camera views aren’t the only feature you can add to your rearview mirror. EchoMaster MM-4320-DVR includes a forward facing dash cam with shock sensor. The dash camera automatically records during incident, providing you with a video witness during accidents. MM-4320-BT includes hands-free calling with Bluetooth. Both rearview mirrors include a 4.3” monitor for safety camera viewing.

The Future Looks Safer Than Ever Before

By replacing your rearview mirror with a more feature rich solution, you can deal with common blind spots, without having to alter the behavior you are already comfortable with behind the wheel.

If you are ready to make your ride safer, visit one of our trusted EchoMaster’s authorized dealers.