Drivers are faced with blind spots and the dangers that come with them in almost every situation they face on the road.  A blind spot is an area that the driver has no visibility into,  physically turning and looking out the windows and using mirrors doesn't fully eliminate these pesky areas for drivers.   Even the most cautious driver can fall victim to blind spot accidents, missing both people and objects.  A backup camera affords drivers visibility into areas behind the car that are impossible to see even with looking out the back window or using mirrors.   

Unfortunately due to their smaller size, children are at higher risk for backover accidents.  When standing directly behind a vehicle, especially a larger SUV or van, they can easily fit completely into a driver's blind spot.  Many of these accidents end tragically, with over 50 children in the US alone being hit by reversing vehicles every week.

When faced with a shocking statistic like that, you may ask yourself, how does that happen?  The driver must not have been looking? If you're careful that would never happen!  Here is a visual to demonstrate why these types of accidents can happen to even the most cautious driver.

This is a view from the driver's seat.  When reversing without a rear vision camera, the driver is left to rely on their back window and side mirrors.  To this driver, the coast looks clear.


But then look at this image, taken just seconds after the first. 


Backup cameras save lives.  They give driver's visibility into areas that mirrors and physically turning around can't.  Driver's shouldn't rely solely on a camera but a combination of all three will significantly reduce your risk of backover crashes.

The good news is, you don't need to buy a new car if your car doesn't include a reverse camera. Just visit an EchoMaster authorized dealer, and they can add this important safety feature to the car you already own.