EchoMaster Introduces at CES 2019 New Wireless Back-up Camera

EchoMaster introduced at CES 2019 a new Wireless Back-up Camera, CAM-WLP. CAM-WLP is a universal back-up camera that easily installs into any vehicle with a simple two wire connection – two wires in the front and two wires in the back. Adding a back-up camera to a vehicle can improve driver awareness, creating a safer and more informed driving experience. CAM-WLP will be in stock March 2019.

CAM-WLP will eliminate blind spots behind any vehicle. The Wireless Back-up Camera includes a power filter that stabilizes the signal from the reverse light to ensure that the camera provides a reliable signal. The wireless camera will transmit a high quality 140° viewing angle from behind the vehicle to an aftermarket double din radio, monitor, or mirror monitor – anything with an RCA input.

CAM-WLP will easily mount behind the license plate with the license plate bracket or on the lip mount with the lip mount bracket. The camera will transmit a 2.4 GHz wireless video with digital encryption. The camera is also water/debris-proof IP67 and operates at 0.1 LUX.

“We built this camera to provide a high quality, easily to install, reverse camera solution,” said Don Zaney, Senior Product Manager, “we added a power filter to the power harness to stabilize the signal from the reverse light so that the camera always has the power needed to work 100% of the time.”

The new Wireless Back-up Camera is being displayed at CES 2019 in our Suite located at the Westgate Hotel and Casino, North Tower, 29th Floor, The Gold Coast Suite 2998.