Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Blind-Spot Integration Kits

Lane change assistance for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Eliminate blind spots and simplify lane changes.

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Integration Kits

Easily add blind-spot cameras with EchoMaster Blind-Spot Integration Kits. The kits include factory matched mirror caps with blind-spot cameras and everything needed for installation.

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Safe Driving Starts Here

Parking Sensors

ParkAlert digital sensor system is a revolutionary advancement in obstacle detection. Triangulation technology, using the multi-sensor setup, calibrates obstacle detection for improved distance detection, reduced blind spots, and improved obstacle warning.

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Safety Cameras

Front, rear and side mount cameras, extend your view eliminating blind spots and reducing risk.  Quality engineering and materials is vital in cameras, as exposure to weather, dust and other road debris can cause fogging and water to seep inside, ruining the camera view.  EchoMaster cameras are built to withstand any weather condition, and will always provide a clear view. 

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Rearview Mirror Monitors

Transform your rearview mirror with video.  EchoMaster rearview mirrors are the perfect companions to the range of cameras.

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Dash Cams

Safegaurd yourself with a video witness during incidents or capture that shareable moment on your next road trip. 

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Lane Change Assistance

Take the twisting and turning out of lane changing.  Side cameras simplify changing lanes, eliminating blind spots that mirrors miss.

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Vehicle-Specific Solutions

Adding additional safety products to your car, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the look or experience.  EchoMaster's vehicle-specific solutions give you additional safety features integrated directly into your vehicle's existing system.

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