EchoMaster Launches Complete AHD Product Line

EchoMaster has launched a complete AHD product line. The product line includes AHD safety cameras, AHD monitors, and an AHD wireless camera and monitor kit.

AHD or “Analog High Definition” is a high-resolution analog camera. AHD Technology will support video resolutions up to 1080p. AHD cameras can help capture more details such as license plate numbers. AHD cameras require an AHD monitor for viewing.

EchoMaster AHD cameras are 720p and use an aluminum alloy material to offer a durable and reliable safety signal for vehicles such as trucks, buses, RVs, and more!

  • Improved Visibility in Low Light
  • Improved Color Representation
  • Reduced Color Noise


The EchoMaster AHD product line includes the following products:

PCAM-800-AHD – Universal Lip Mount AHD Back-up Camera

PCAM-810-AHD – Side View AHD Camera

PCAM-820-AHD – Mini Dome AHD Camera with Infrared Night Vision

PCAM-830-AHD – Mini Commercial Camera with Super Wide Lens – FMVSS 111 Complaint

PCAM-835B-AHD – Mini Commercial Back-up Camera with Sunshade

PCAM-840-AHD – Bar Mount AHD Camera with IR Night Vision

PCAM-870-AHD – Dual View AHD Back-up Camera

PMON-7022-AHD – 7” AHD Monitor with 2 Channel Video Inputs

PMON-7044-AHD – 7” AHD Monitor with 4 Channel Video Inputs

PMC-WAHD – Wireless AHD Camera and Monitor Kit

All products are available and in stock.

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