Extended Harness Rear Sensor System for Trucks

Introducing the new ParkAlert Digital Rear Parking Sensor System with an extended harness for trucks, PS-TRUCK30. The ParkAlert Digital Rear Parking Sensor System is a revolutionary advancement in obstacle detection. Triangulation technology, using the multi-sensor setup, calibrates obstacle detection for improved distance detection, reduced blind spots, and improved obstacle warning reversing.

When objects are detected, two back-up sensors simultaneously locate that obstacle and use algorithms to eliminate any dead zone areas (areas behind your vehicle that are not detected by the system). PS-TRUCK30 includes rubber sleeves so that the sensors will be compatible with metal bumpers – the sensors are also plastic bumper friendly and paintable. ParkAlert can be set up as a two sensor or four sensor system – the system auto-programs for your installation.

“We created our PS-TRUCK30 Rear Sensor System specifically for trucks by adding a 30 foot wire-loom protected harness to ensure that there is plenty of length to run along the chassis of a truck,” said Aileen Alhambra, Senior Product Manager, “the kit will also include four low profile, quick connect sensors that snap into the 30’ harness and connect to the control module by a single OE style connector.”

PS-TRUCK30 Features:

  • Detection Range: 1.6 m/5.2 ft
  • Volume control/Mute ability
  • Plastic bumper friendly
  • Compatible with metal bumpers when used with included rubber sleeves
  • Paintable for a perfect match
  • Water/debris-proof rating: IP67
  • Operating temp: -30°C to 80°C
  • Optional visual display available: PA-DISPLAY (not included)

Also available from EchoMaster - PS-TRUCK-M (Black) and PS-TRUCK-S (Silver), ParkAlert Rear Sensor Systems for Trucks with an 18’ Harness.