Blind-Spot Integration Kit Product Line

EchoMaster is pleased to announce the official launch of its Blind-Spot Integration Kit product line. A leader in quality automotive aftermarket safety solutions, EchoMaster has designed their new product line to ensure driver safety by simplifying the process of adding blind-spot cameras to a vehicle.

Blind-Spot Integration Kits from EchoMaster include factory matched side mirror caps with blind-spot cameras and anything else required for installation. The factory matching side mirror caps allow users to seamlessly integrate cameras to the side mirrors, significantly improving the situational awareness of the drivers.

The lane change assistance cameras included in the Blind-Spot Integration Kits are responsive to driver behavior, and are activated automatically while using turn signals. This creates an enhanced view of side blind-spots while driving, protecting the drivers from the risk of blind-spot accidents.

“Our Blind-Spot Integration Kits were designed to provide the installer with everything needed for a customized installation,” said Aileen Alhambra, Senior Product Manager, EchoMaster. “These easy to install blind-spot cameras are housed in proprietary factory matched side mirror caps for a truly seamless integration.”

Some of the most important features of this product line include:

  • Factory Matched Mirror Caps: The side blind-spot systems include proprietary side mirror caps with integrated cameras for seamless integration
  • Simple Plug-n-play: Camera installation is simplified with vehicle specific plug-n-play harnesses
  • Customized Safety Solution: A camera switcher is provided to help users add additional cameras such as back-up, front, or rear (roof mount, CHMSL, trailer, and more)
  • Engineered module: Select kits provide an engineered module for a hassle-free installation without spending much time

Dedicated to discovering new technologies that enhance driving safety, EchoMaster provides a full range of high-quality products to address the needs of the consumers and commercial customers looking to reduce risk, increase safety, and protect their investment.

Blind-Spot Integration Kits are available for select Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and RAM vehicles. For additional information, check out our Side Blind Spot Cameras.