Thinkware teams up with EchoMaster to supply a dash cam bundle for Ford’s Authorized Accessory Program

Thinkware, a global leader in dash cams, announced today that two of its dash cam models have been included as part of a bundle offered by EchoMaster and certified for global automaker Ford Motor Company’s authorized accessory program. These bundles are now available at Ford dealerships.


This is great news for Ford car buyers who will have the option to purchase and install a dash cam at their local Ford dealership. This expands Thinkware’s growing North American footprint where its products can already be found at major retailers, specialty 12 volt stores, and ecommerce. Thinkware expects this footprint to continue to grow as its U.S. distribution partner, AAMP Global, continues to drive sales through its well-established partnerships and reputation as an industry leader in mobile electronics.


This news is part of South Korean-based Thinkware’s global growth strategy, which is focused on putting a continuous effort in overseas business activity with the launch of ‘Thinkware Dash Cam’, the company’s North American brand name established in 2013.


“Our collaboration with Thinkware helps us continue to develop our partnerships with OES and OEM,” stated Scott Forst, AAMP Global’s President, Americas, “we are looking forward to helping Thinkware penetrate the North America market with dash cam solutions.”


“Ford is an iconic global car manufacturer, so we’re honored to be working with such great partners and excited about this meaningful achievement,” stated Brian Yang, Thinkware’s Director of North America Business Development. “With this exciting announcement and our continued partnership with AAMP Global, we expect to see continued sales and business growth in North America, helping establish a geographic launchpad for expanding THINKWARE’s global presence in all countries we do business in, including the US and Europe.”

Click here to learn about the bundles available at a Ford dealership near you