Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions by EchoMaster Protect your Fleet

AAMP Global has supplied the global OEM and aftermarket sectors for over 20 years, providing tailored, innovative products and solutions. Leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to develop a solution tailored to your business’s needs. Our unique approach includes a comprehensive service package, which encompasses the following elements to add value & support the development of long-term customer partnerships.

Truly Customized

Planning is everything, and our team begins with your requirements, planning together with you to create bespoke solutions that fulfill and exceed needs. Quality is utmost, and we understand that off-the-shelf is rarely an option, so we create solutions to your exact requirements.


To be a pioneer, you have to keep pushing boundaries and moving forward. EchoMaster products undergo a rigorous program of research and development activities to ensure that we always offer future technologies, today. Our research and development team can work with your project team to ensure that we create the perfect solution to any requirement.

Project Management

Working together with you, our team produces individual management programs to enable achievement of key milestones. This reduces time to market and increases resource control to ensure projects are completed within scope to the highest quality, on time, and on budget.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality management systems ensure that manufacturing is to the highest specification.

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